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The former Archbishop of Canterbury, Lord Carey is warning Christians that the faith is just a “generation away from extinction” in Britain.  Sunday congregations have been cut in half over the last thirty years and are continuing to decline.  This falls in line with what is happening all over Europe.  Witnessing for Jesus Christ is more important than ever before.  The goal of Confident Faith is to arm you with the confidence and knowledge to try to make a difference in this world for Jesus Christ.

Here is a link to John Bingham’s article:  Christianity at risk of dying.


abcThe Shroud of Turin has been a hotly debated artifact for decades.  In fact, there is no other historical artifact on Earth that has been written about more than the shroud.  A new scientific study has been released that gives more evidence that this shroud was around during the time of Jesus.  There is no debate that there appears to be an image of Jesus on this burial shroud.  Also, nobody has been able to show a way that it could have been forged.  The only evidence against it has been a flawed Carbon testing that made it appear to have been made in the 1300′s.  These three new scientific tests show what many experts have claimed for years:  The Shroud has to be real!


Here is a link to a news article on the shroud:  Update on the shroud

Here is a link to a post I made a while back on the shroud:  Post on shroud



Just when you think secular colleges cannot make their anti-Christian biases any more obvious look at what this professor has asked his class to do:  stomp on the name of our Lord and Savior!  The part that disturbs me the most is not what the professor asked, but the fact that the university is defending it!  One Christ-a-phobe can always do something stupid, but when the university is behind it, it really shows you what is happening in our colleges.  God Bless our students who are in college and holding true to their faith in the midst of real modern-day persecution.  News article


Here is an interesting archaeological find.  There is no way to ever prove that these bones belong to John the Baptist, since we don’t have his DNA to compare them to, but they appear in a bone box with his name on it, and carbon dating has proven that the bones are from someone who was killed in the early part of the first century, when he was killed.  It appears the people who had the sarcophagus definitely thought they were from John!  Are they really John’s?  Who knows!  There could have been scammers in the first century trying to make money off bones just like there might be today, but it makes you wonder!  Interesting circumstantial evidence.  News article






Here is a link to an archaeological discovery that was recently found that is pretty interesting.  For a long time skeptics have questioned whether Bethlehem even existed when King David supposedly grew up there, and later when Jesus was born there.  Direct evidence has been found proving once and for all that Bethlehem was indeed an important city in Israel after the reign of King David, and long before the birth of Jesus.  News article