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Taking a look at the lives of the Bible’s two main characters is one of the easiest ways to see how divinely inspired God’s Word really is.  Few would argue against Moses being the most important character of the Old Testament.  Nobody would argue against Jesus being the main character of the New Testament.  The similarities of these two characters who are separated by over a thousand years is quite remarkable.  God tried to speak directly to the people of Israel on Mount Sinai and it did not go very well.  The people begged Moses to not allow God to speak to them again.  They asked to have someone speak to them for God, in other words, a mediator between them and God.  Well, in Deuteronomy, Moses gives a very important prophecy in response to their pleas.  He predicts that God will raise up another prophet who will be LIKE HIM!  This prophet would speak the words of God for the people so they would not have to speak directly to God.  Here is what Moses says:

“The LORD your God will raise up for you a prophet like me from among you, from your brethren–him you shall heed-just as you desired of the LORD your God at Horeb on the day of the assembly, when you said, ‘Let me not hear again the voice of the LORD my God, or see this great fire any more, lest I die. ‘And the LORD said to me, ‘They have rightly said all that they have spoken. I will raise up for them a prophet like you from among their brethren; and I will put my words in his mouth, and he shall speak to them all that I command him. And whoever will not give heed to my words which he shall speak in my name, I myself will require it of him.”  (Deuteronomy , 18:15-19)

Jesus was clearly the mediator who Moses was talking about.  He was the one man who could speak God’s words directly to the people.  Why?  Because he was God!  He was God with a human nature who could speak God’s words to them.  Let’s take a look at just how similar the lives of Jesus and Moses were to each other.  After reading this lengthy comparison see if you can come up with a way that all of this happened by accident.

Moses – The first mediator                                                               Jesus – The final mediator

Moses was born as a Hebrew Jesus was born as a Hebrew
Moses was chosen by God to be a leader Jesus was chosen by God to be a leader
Moses was born while his people were suffering under a cruel leader. (Pharaoh) Jesus was born while his people were suffering under a cruel leader. (Herod)
Moses hid in Egypt as a child. Jesus hid in Egypt as a child.
The leader of the land that Moses was born into tried to kill all of the babies when he was born. The leader of the land that Jesus was born into tried to kill all of the babies when He was born.
Moses turned water into blood. Jesus turned water into wine.
Moses died on a hill. Jesus died on a hill.
Moses fasted 40 days and faced a spiritual crisis on a mountain Jesus fasted 40 days and faced a spiritual crisis on a mountain.
Moses told people about the need for a Passover lamb. Jesus became the Passover lamb.
Moses founded a new religion Jesus founded a new religion
Moses communicated directly with God Jesus communicated directly with God
Moses performed miracles Jesus performed miracles
Moses revised an existing religion Jesus revised an existing religion
Moses was a law giver – gave the ten commandments Jesus was a law giver – gave the great commandment.
Moses was hated by the ruling party (Egyptians) Jesus was hated by the ruling party (Pharisees)
Moses had brothers and sisters who misunderstood him. Jesus had brothers and sisters who misunderstood him.
Moses chose 12 leaders to follow. Jesus chose 12 leaders to follow.
Moses gave his people a new identity as a people. Jesus gave his people a new identity as a people.
Moses had followers who strayed from his teachings. Jesus had followers who strayed from his teachings.
Moses is arguably the lead figure of the Old Testament. Jesus is the lead figure of the New Testament.
Moses taught his followers how to pray. Jesus taught his followers how to pray.
Moses chose people to carry on when he was leaving. Jesus chose people to carry on when he was leaving.
Moses led his people to the promised land. Jesus leads his people to the promised land.
Moses sent 12 spies to Canaan so he could bring people to the promised land. Jesus sent 12 disciples to the world so he could bring people to the promised land.
Moses appointed 70 rulers over Israel Jesus appointed 70 disciples to the nations.
The people picked up stones to stone Moses but they did not succeed. The people picked up stones to stone Jesus, but they did not succeed.
Moses controlled the waters of the Red Sea Jesus controlled the Sea of Galilee
Moses brought living water out of the Rock Jesus brings living water to all of his believers.
The face of Moses shown with glory on Mount Sinai. The face of Jesus shown with glory on the mount of Transfiguration.
Moses lifted the brazen serpent up in the wilderness to heal people Jesus was lifted up on the cross to heal us from our own sins.
Moses was a shepherd Jesus was the good shepherd
Moses subdued an attacking army by raising his arms high on the top of a hill.  (with two other people) Jesus subdued sin and death with arms raised high on a hill.  (with two other people)
Moses said another prophet would come (Jesus) Jesus said another would come (Holy Spirit)
Those who did not follow Moses died in the wilderness because of their lack of faith. Those who refused to follow Jesus died in the siege of Jerusalem in 70 AD.  Jesus had warned them it was coming, and history shows that the Christians left right before the siege started because of the remembrance of the words of Jesus.  Those who did not believe Jesus stayed and were either killed or sold to slavery.
Moses fed thousands supernaturally with bread. Jesus fed thousands supernaturally with bread.
Moses took a gentile bride Jesus took a gentile bride (the church)
Moses led the Israelites in a victory song after the victory in Egypt. This song will be repeated at the end as a victory song for Jesus.  (see Rev. 15:2-3)
There is a long period of silence in the story of Moses from the time he was a child until adulthood. There is a long period of silence in the story of Jesus from the time he was a child until adulthood.
Moses showed compassion to a woman getting water at a well. Jesus showed compassion to a woman getting water at a well.
Moses’ mission was to redeem Israel from slavery to Egypt Jesus’ mission was to redeem mankind from slavery to sin.
Moses was loved and supported by his sister Miriam (which is Miryam in Hebrew) Jesus was loved and supported in his ministry by His mother Mary (which is also Miryam in Hebrew)
Moses gave God’s law on a mountain. Jesus gave the new law from the Mount of the Beatitudes. (sermon on the mount.)
Moses offered his life for the salvation of his people after the sin of the golden calf. Jesus offered His life for the salvation of the world.
Moses rejected a lavish, ruling lifestyle in the house of the Pharaoh.  Instead, he chose a humble life. Jesus rejected the offers of Satan to be the ruler of this world and instead chose a humble life
Moses washed Aaron and his sons with water. Jesus washed the feet of his disciples.

Wow!  Those two characters were strikingly similar.  Now, you might think you could argue one or two of those points, or you might say that a couple of them are too general in nature to prove anything, but nobody can tell me that those lists are not extremely similar to each other.  They are similar to the point that they show the two stories had to have been divinely correlated.  There is no way that this could be an accident!

The only thing that you could say to explain the similarities is that the New Testament authors wrote the story of Jesus to make it look like he was the person who Moses alluded to.  In other words, this is all one big conspiracy!  However, for that to be true you would have to believe that the authors of the New Testament were dishonest men, and from all appearances they seem like they were not.  Also, you would have to believe that all of these dishonest men were somehow able to construct a story together, from different places, with the same similarities, without contradicting each other.  Also, you would have to say that their audiences, who at the latest, were just a generation or two removed from Jesus, had already forgotten the real facts of his life.  These facts seemed to have been carefully recorded.

Looking at these two stories you can see the divine fingerprints everywhere you look.  I hope that this one major example of fulfilled prophecy will give you one more reason to have a confident faith.  To hear other reasons to have a more confident faith take a moment to scroll down to the bottom of this page, enter your email address, and become a subscriber to this site!

Here is a similar comparison between Daniel and Jesus:  Divine Similarities

The Rock from Exodus and Numbers compared to Christ

Numbers chapter 20 describes a scene where God punishes Moses for striking a rock to get water.   Because of this event, Moses is unable to enter the promised land.  So why was God so upset when Moses struck the rock to get water?  Well, there were the obvious reasons like he was disobeying God and acting arrogantly.  This is the way that an Old Testament audience would have interpreted it, but now that we have the Bible as a whole we can see that there was more to it than that.  Let’s get some help from Paul.  Paul says, “I want you to know, brethren, that our fathers were all under the cloud, and all passed through the sea, and all were baptized into Moses in the cloud and in the sea, and all ate the same supernatural food and all drank the same supernatural drink. For they drank from the supernatural Rock which followed them, and the Rock was Christ.”  – 1 Cor. 10:1-4 -

Here, Paul refers to Christ as the Rock which provided the water to the Israelites.  Many times in the New Testament, the authors refer to Christ as a rock.  Even in the Old Testament, God is referred to as a mountain and the Messiah as a rock which would come from that mountain.  So if we agree with Paul, that means Christ was the Rock which Moses struck the first time to get water.  When he struck the Rock (Christ), water was provided that gave them Salvation.  Everywhere they went this Rock was with them, providing everlasting, living water to them.  Moses was told to never again strike the Rock (Christ), that striking it once was enough, and from that point on all he had to do was command it to give water.  Can you see the symbolism at work here?  This is a foreshadowing of Christ’s life.  Christ had to be struck one time on the cross.  Because of this, salvation is available to all.  Because he was struck, all we have to do is ask and salvation is given to us, but he was never to be struck again.  Salvation was provided and now Christ is in his glory.  Therefore, it was all right for Moses to strike the Rock once to give the Israelites the living water of the Salvation of Christ, but after striking it once, he was to only ask that the water (salvation) be given and it would freely be given, as Christ freely gives Salvation.  He was never to strike it again because it would be striking Christ two times.

This chart might help explain it

Moses Story                                                                                             Jesus Story

The Rock is there which could provide Salvation (water) Jesus is there who could provide Salvation
The Rock is struck Jesus is killed on the cross.
The Rock provides the Salvation, water flows out saving the people. Jesus provides Salvation, people are saved through His death.
Now, all the people have to do is ask and water (Salvation) is freely given to them through the Rock. Now, all the people have to do is ask, and eternal life (Salvation) is freely given to them through the Rock (Jesus)
Moses, instead of asking again, to get the free gift of grace (water), strikes the Rock a second time. Jesus is not to be struck a second time.  The free gift of Salvation is already available.

I hope that makes more sense with the chart.

This might not be as remarkable as the comparison between Moses and Jesus, but it is still very interesting.  It shows the divine nature of the story of the Bible.  God knew what he was doing the entire time.  Many things in the Old Testament were done to foreshadow the New Testament.


promised landSo why should we study the Exodus?  A lot of people like to stay in the New Testament with their Bible studies.  But there are a lot of lessons here in Exodus.   We learn that anyone can be called by God.  We learn that God knows what we are qualified to do even when we don’t.  We learn that God has already prepared us to do what we need to do in life.  We learn that there is no force in this world, no empire, no group of people, nobody who can stand in our way if our God is with us.  We learn not to look at the past, not to look at where we have come from, but instead to look at where we are going, where God is leading us.  We learn to trust God for our daily bread, to trust him to provide, and to trust him to provide more so we can have a day of rest.  It teaches us to resist temptation when others around us are trying to get us to join in some sort of rebellion against God.  We learn that the battles in our lives will only be won when we pray.  We learn that holding each other up in prayer is important.  We learn so much from this one, old story.  We have a hero who is just like us, with weaknesses, and moments of failure, but who also has great moments of success.  He is someone who we can somewhat relate to.  Also, our lives are like the Israelites in Exodus.  We are also on a journey.  We also sometimes need correcting.  We also sometimes need disciplining.  But we also have breakthroughs.  And we’re also moving closer to our own promised land.  Yes, when our journeys are over.  We will also cross over into the promised land.  All we have to do to get there is to trust God, to learn our lessons, and to keep pushing forward.  When we complete our journeys, without abandoning our faith, we will all find ourselves in the promised land just like the Israelites finally did.

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  1. Luke says:

    Fantastic list, I have added Bible references and it can be found here:

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  4. Peggy Camper says:

    It seems to me that if these two characters are similar that both Moses and Jesus are a lie, and the authors of the New Testament plagiarized the story of Moses and made him into Jesus.

  5. Anonymous says:

    Please can you add scripture references for the similarities.

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    I think it was informing and well told for all to understand. Thank you My Lord and Savior thank you for saving a sinner as myself. Thank you My Heavenly Father fir yoyr Son. Glory to God Alnighty. Your daughter.

  7. so interesting,love reading this every day.i really appreciate those who took their precious time to bring out these similarities .

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    Very good one, now I can understand types, shadows and figures of the OT with the NT. Thanks a lot.

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    I think that what your saying is great. When ever you write something about the word of God you need to put down all the scripture that you took from that. What if I was a non believer trying to understand the bible I would not have a lot of references to try to see your side of Moses being similar to Jesus.

  10. Jeremy Mathews says:

    Sweet I do the same with relativites heres one more Jesus and John the baptist were cousins(relatives) Moses and Aaron were brothers(relatives) and the first stone commandments Moses broke and made new amd Jesus is the stone word commandments that died to become the new testament. God Bless Maranatha

  11. Stefan Nagiel says:

    I believe they were the same Person/God….for God is Spirit so cannot become a Human….that would take Love between Lady and a Man….and Joseph and Mary did not make Love…you may aslo link Lucifer with Jesus….are they not two of a kind too….I believe Jesus could be any one of us and that worries me….Joan of Arc was murdered at a very young age yet God was leading her to that Death….the same with Jesus… and others down History….they were just Humans….

    • JS says:

      If you do not receive the testimony God has given of His Son- you will die in your sins & go to hell… not unlike those who rose against Moses and were swallowed whole into a pit. We can make all kinds of comparisons, yes, but if God is making the comparison (showing these similarities) it will be striking and unusual! And He bares witness that Jesus is the culmination of the promises & types and shadows shown in the Old Testament (i.e. Adam, Abraham, Isaac, Jacob, Joseph, David, the whole sacrificial system including the ark, and so many others). So that as the Jews saw His life (and later studied it) they would be struck in amazement, as the writer of Hebrews shows throughout his dealing of these truths!

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    Great article. May God Bless you.

  15. enjoyed your articles-very helpful to see the comparsion between Jesus and Mose. and all the articles

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    I learned new things that did not here before. Thank you.

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    When the Roman struck Jesus with a spear while He was on the cross, water poured out.

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    Very, Very Good. Thank You. (Do not believe Jesus was God) God Bless You.

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    it was very helpful to me thanks

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    Awesome study

  23. Dow M. Ooten says:

    Ten Times God hardened the heart of Pharaoh. Some Scholars will argue that it was because the King of Egypt was already and Evil man and from the Seed of Sin a Ruler of Darkness that sat in a Seat of Power in High Places and that Moses, Aaron and Miriam were not at war with flesh and blood but with Principalities and Powers of Evil. He very well may have been listening to our great adversary, and I must wonder if folks who have ears to hear and eyes to see, but choose to live in darkness and refuse to see the True Light do so because their hearts have been hardened, or if they have just stayed out too long in the dark, or if they are blinded by other influences (the magicians,) or if they were driven from home because of pain or hurt and learned to love the hog pens so that they strike out at all those who choose to walk in the light. There is a reason, folks come to Christian sites and torment those who want to hear more about HIM. We see Him in all we do, and so we seek out folks who want to share in His Grace, Mercy, Joy, and Love. You will never see real Christians trying to accost people of other religions or trying to Hate anyone simply because the great commission tells us that Love and Hate does not abide in the same place and for us to invite the whosoever wills. Moses was given instructions about how to include the those who sojourn with them, and Jesus had sheep not of His fold. Salvation has never been confined or inherited by blood, but offered to the folks who believe and follow as the Faithful and righteousness was imputed to men (not sin free) but as righteouness as men can live because they follow and trust God. Men have always failed and resorted to self help. We are none perfect. But we have an advocate, and our sins are not used against us. It isn’t that Jesus has forgotten where He got the scars in His hands. He knows! Sin has a consequence. But it also has a remedy. The precious Blood of Jesus paid our sin debt and flowed back to the Garden. The sacrifices of animals only stayed sin. In conclusion, My point is this: Like Pharaoh, these skeptics who will not see the points of this article won’t or can’t because they don’t want to and they will NEVER admit it. The preaching of the Gospel is contemptible to them. Either they were raised in it or were believers and failed or were so hurt by others that they hate God and the very mention of His Sweet name, or they left the teachings of their parents (Prodigals) and stayed out so long that it seems so foolish that they have found other intelligent men (professors and learned scholars who do magic) that influence their thinking, they are following the ways of Cain (Satan,) never knew Him or cared to hear it (that isn’t the case here because one of these guys quotes the scriptures carnally with no spiritual understanding and sounds silly doing so which is sad,) or they belong to organizations (cults/religions) that oppose our Faith and fight our purpose. At any rate, I hate to see someone who has done such a wonderful job as Timothy assaulted when they are really not looking for answers. He has done a wonderful job. Yet casting bread before dogs and pearls before swine is pointless because arguing over the Word is condemned by God. Reproof and correction is an entire different concept. For example, I found a beautiful sermon comparing the Lord’s Supper/ Communion and The Passover when God passed over Egypt. However the author took exception to churches using individual commuion cups and called out the denomination that first used them and the practice of some churches of taking it to Faithful members confined to hospitals, nursing homes, etc…. Jesus did bless the cup, but He also said drink ye all of it. That leads me to believe he partied it out to all 12 of them. When The Body of Believer has had their Remembrance and eaten The Lord’s Supper and it ends, if Faithful members choose to remember a Faithful member of that body and set the Supper again at their Home whereever that may be, it is still in His Remembrance and do so to tarry one with another. The body of believers is a church and need to be set aside as Moses set up judges (pastors and deacon boards to govern the hundreds and even thousands) but it is also the few as little as 2 who gathe rin his name, and together we make up His Church but because there be divisions among us (Paul was not happy about that but he recognized it) it is not to eat the Lord’s supper. We therefore, must rightly divide the words of truth. I thank you for this article.

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    God of Israel bless you forever.

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    Great work .
    God bless you.

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    God bless you

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    awesome! is it okay that i use some of this list for my website? thx!!

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    Awesome. Would have been better with corresponding verses

  32. joel massinger says:

    I forgot to add, the writer says the writers of the gospels could not have known the oldT stories at the time of the flavian dynasty, It is historical fact that Titus took the tora from jerusalem and destroyed all other copies, this is writen by titus when telling his brothers in rome, he was told to retrieve the tora and to destroy any other copies, it was then bought to rome for ceasar.! hence soon after that the gospels appear, and as for who wrote the gospels, there are two ideas, the greek writers who wrote for rome, and or someone we dont know!, so to assume the writers were good men is a dangerous thing, Many scholars see much of the newT as a political document, aimed at bringing stability to the masses but always seeing ceasar as a god!

    • Timothy says:

      Joel, I appreciate your comments. You say, “Many scholars see much of the New Testament as a political document, aimed at bringing stability to the masses but always seeing Caesar as a god!” That is simply false. If you disagree then please list these scholars and I will take a look. There is nobody that thinks the New Testament was written as a pro-Roman political document. It was written by many different writers, with different styles, written in different locations, and to different audiences. There was no big conspiracy. For example, in my opinion, Luke/Acts was written by Paul’s physician as a way of defending Christianity to the Roman courts that were hearing Paul’s case in Rome. It was written to show Rome that Christianity was not a threat to them. That is why Acts ends so suddenly with Paul in Rome under house arrest and why it goes into such details over his trial. If you read the New Testament, you can easily sense that it was written by people who really believed what they were writing. Of course, you can argue that they believed those things in error, but it is hard to come to the conclusion that the people writing the New Testament did not believe what they were writing. After reading both of your comments it almost seems as if you believe that the Roman government just sat down one morning and wrote up all of the different books about Jesus as one big plan to control people. This is absurd for many, many, many reasons. There is evidence of a strong Christian presence in Rome as early as 50 AD, long before you say the Gospels were written. Paul was writing his letters much before then as well. The dating of the Gospels is disputed, but most of Paul’s letters are not disputed. So they were in existence long before you claim that the Romans sat down and wrote the New Testament. The author who wrote John as well as Revelation was definitely not pro-roman! So with Paul’s books and John’s books, that is over half of the New Testament that is automatically disqualified from your idea of the New Testament being some pro-Roman document. There is really no need to even defend the other half.

      Joel, I hope that you will read the New Testament with an open mind and an open heart and see for yourself what it says. I get the impression that you have been fed “talking points” from somewhere, but have not really read it for yourself. I hope that you will take the time to do that with an open mind. You can read the Gospel of John in one sitting and it will amaze you. God bless.

  33. joel massinger says:

    there are striking simularitites in many biblical stories as well as pagan stories and pre christian gods that have the same life story as jesus. so if one looked at krishna’s life story you would think that it was the same person for example. Is this divine?. When the gospels came to be around 80ce the flavian dynasty was taking power in rome, and there are many qutes of jesus supporting the roman cesar of the day, ” And Jesus answering said to them, Pay what is Caesar’s to Caesar, and what is God’s to God. And they wondered at him. And Jesus said unto them, Render unto Caesar the things that are Caesar’s, and unto God the things that are God’s.
    Mark 12:17, and many more quotes which are pro ceasar!, is this devine? I also struggle with the OT, the exodus, millions of people in a small area of land for 40 years and there is no historical evidence to support this fact, and also the fat that historical evidence shows is that from 1000bc to 70 ce the Israeli people where not Monotholistic they worshiped many gods, and only after titus flavian destroyed jerusalem that they started to follow one god, ummmm I am confused from the bible and what historical proof we have

    • Timothy says:

      You said there were many other quotes which are pro-Caesar. Can you please list them for the sake of the debate? The one you listed is a great story of how the Pharisees tried to trick Jesus and Jesus responded with that great quote. It is hard to take that one quote and come to the conclusion that the New Testament was written by Rome to control people. That is a big conclusion to jump to.

      As far as the similarities between pre-Christian gods and Jesus you will need to provide me with sources from before 80 ad when you claim the Gospels were written for me to comment on them. Since you said that there are “Striking similarities” I will look forward to seeing them. Once you do that, we can take a look at those similarities and debate why they are there, but until you provide them they are irrelevant to my original post. I find it hard to believe that you can line up the similarities between a pagan god, and Jesus, the same way that I did between Moses and Jesus and find anything noteworthy about it.

      I don’t know where your points about the Old Testament go with this discussion, but one of the main themes of the Old Testament, (If you have read it) is God trying to stop the Israelites from worshiping other gods, (idols) which they constantly did, for centuries at a time, so it would not be surprising if there was historical evidence supporting the fact that they worshiped other gods. This would fit nicely with the Old Testament narrative so I do not understand your point. You are actually bringing historical proof about the Bible to this discussion. Thanks!

      • dont forget that Moses anointed Joshua which Translates to Jesus , who is the Christ {anointed} the Same Man that Moses told U about in the Old Testament ahead of Time in the New Testament.

        Holy Bible

    • Restin says:

      I am from India .can u give
      similarities between Jesus and srikrishna?

  34. personal says:

    I find it odd, that “anonymous” would not check out scripture in Revelation and not want to look for themselves to verify what Timothy so kindly wrote. The reason I say that is that the bible says we are to study to show ourselves approved unto God. Found in 2 Timothy 2:15. We cannot make allegations and have no idea whether they are true or not. Then state them as though we have some sort insight and authority to present/declare it as truth. The bible also says my people perish for lack of knowledge. Found in Hosea 4:6. May God give you revelation as you read and you be sanctified by His word.

  35. Anonymous says:

    this is so on point

  36. Dustin P says:

    I am so grateful for my Savior and that He came to deliver us from our fallen state, just as Moses came to deliver the Israelites form captivity in Egypt. God is great. Thank you for the work that went into this article.

  37. Anonymous says:

    Good work

  38. Denise Bradshaw says:

    Awesome information

  39. Anonymous says:

    Well, the reason why these two individuals share their mythological attributes to the very core is simply because the Romans, in order to trick the Jews to make them believe that their Messiah had arrived, have cleverly invented the gospels with a help of a turncoat Josephus Flavius (an adopted member of the Flavian family) who was a Jew himself, captured by the Roman army.

    It is no surprise to me that the whole Christianity ideology was pro-Roman, in another words “turning the other cheek”, “give Caesar what belongs to Caesar”, “if someone conscript you to walk a mile walk two for him.” These are the words of “Jesus” and now i know all this was written to calm the rebellious Jews against the Romans.

    This is also why there are no historical accounts of Jesus except only from literature sources. :)

    • Timothy says:

      Anonymous, let me make sure that I am understanding you correctly. Are you saying that the Romans wrote the Gospels to make Jesus look similar to Moses? Are you saying that the Romans had enough expertise on the Jewish Scriptures to match up all of the things that were in my original post? And they cared enough to do it? Are you saying that the entire scholarly world who says that Matthew was written by a Jew, for Jews, with no Roman influence is wrong? Is that what you are saying?

      As far as your point goes about Christianity being pro-Roman. I don’t see how that has anything to do with this post on Moses and Jesus, but having said that, I will still offer a very quick response. You can debate who wrote the Gospel of John, but there is no debate that the author of John also wrote Revelation, and Revelation is filled with anti-Roman rhetoric proclaiming that Ceasor is not Lord, but Jesus is. I will offer one example, in the Roman Empire conquered kings would be paraded through Rome, and the parade would end at the throne of Ceasor, where the conquered king would be forced to fall on the ground and lay his crown at the feet of Ceasor, in complete submission to him. Revelation 4 shows a heavenly scene where Jesus is on the throne, and we, as his subjects, approach his throne, fall on the ground, and place our crowns at his feet. This is a not-to-subtle message that Jesus is the true lord, not the emperor of Rome. That does not sound very pro-roman to me. And Revelation is filled with this stuff, so if the same man who wrote Revelation, wrote John, I would say that his Gospel is not pro-Roman either. That is just one example of many I could cite. Also, Liberal Christians and atheists, which I assume you are, believe that the Gospels were written after the total destruction of Jerusalem in 70 AD. So why would the Romans be that obsessed with the Jews after practically annihilating them to go to the trouble of inventing all of that “mythology”? That is ridiculous. After the decimation of Jerusalem the Jews were nothing to Rome. I hope that you will sit down and read the New Testament with an open mind and see how pro-Rome it really is, but like I said, none of this has anything to do with Jesus and Moses being so similar to each other.

      • joel massinger says:

        very good reply, but you say the romans where not knowledgable of the jews, that is fr from the truth, they possesed the only copy of the OT after destroying jerusalem. The gospels and NT where written over a long period of time which included the fall of rome and ceasar and the establishment of the christian religion, again flavian dominated, with Josephus being their main scholar, to the point of having his own apartments in the palce of ceasar. The romans where a very intelligent bunch, they understood politics very well and as things changed so did the bible. There is vast amounts of historical evidence to back a roman polical base for the NT, as much as there is no evidence for the OT, The Flavian dynasty was also famed for back dating documents to suit their needs. The bible is a work of men and men in a tiime when politics was most powerful and ceasars and the catholic church wanted to controle the masses. I could go on for hours that jesus quotes many buhuddust quotes that where around and used along time before jesus. documents show in kashmire that a boy of 14 came from israel and studied at the temple till he was 29 and returned to israel!, the documents are dated to the time of jesus, but thats another story i suppose.

  40. max says:

    good work.however you forgot to mention Bible verses. Also what we believe is not a religion but God himself. A living God (Christ). There is more to talk. enough for now I feel.

    • personal says:

      I find it odd, that a person would not check out scripture in Revelation and not want to look for themselves to verify what Timothy so kindly wrote. The reason I say that is that the bible says we are to study to show ourselves approved unto God. Found in 2 Timothy 2:15. We cannot make allegations and have no idea whether they are true or not. Then state them as though we have some sort insight and authority to present/declare it as truth. The bible also says my people perish for lack of knowledge. Found in Hosea 4:6. May God give you revelation as you read and you be sanctified by His word.

  41. Rose says:

    Very Amazing!

    • Yes says:

      Moses and Jesus were Twins who Both were Schooled in Ancient Egypt inside the Pyramids where They Both Earned their Degrees called the Christship. They Both have the Same Dad. Elijah was taken up ihto Heaven an never seen death.

      Holy Bible

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    Very interesting !

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